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Programs’ Conversion
between CNC Mazak Machine Centres
Equipped with Different Controls

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to offer you a unique service on our market consisting in the conversion of programs for CNC Machine Centres Mazak equipped with different controls.

Do you have both older and newer Mazak machine centres in your company and do you have to re-type manually your programs due to the fact the software used is not compatible? 

We have a solution for you: thanks to a special software program we are able to do this tedious and inefficient job for you.

What do we need from you for the data conversion?

  1. Technical parameters of both machines (Machine Parameters – e.g. MAZAK QTN 250 with   Matrix control Mazak QT-Smart 350M  with Smart control)

  2. The program to be conversed between older and newer types of Mazak machine centres, eventually between MAZAK machines with different controls.

What is your next step?Convert Between Control-Kinds_Mazak

  1. Ask for a quotation and delivery time and you will receive our reply
    in 48 hours at the latest in working days.
  2. Please send your order to:
  3. Contact person:
    Ing. David Bakalář   

e-mail: info@bakalarkovoobrabeni.cz 

mobile: +420 723 614 713

We look forward to long-term cooperation.